WOMEN IN THE KNOW: PLANNING A WEDDING NOW with Sara Kennedy of Irish Wedding Blog

Article published at: Jul 28, 2021 Article author: Melissa Worrall
WOMEN IN THE KNOW: PLANNING A WEDDING NOW with Sara Kennedy of Irish Wedding Blog
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    Welcome to second instalment of our 'Women in the Know' series - discussing here a very relevant topic right about now... Weddings! 
    We've spoken to so many brides over the past year, some who postponed several times & some who decide they couldn't wait any longer. As we know there's no right or wrong decision, everyone's Wedding means something different to them and the whole situation since Spring 2020 has been a massive upheaval for the entire Wedding industry. 
      Here we chat to Wedding expert and industry insider, Sara Kennedy of the Irish Wedding Blog, as she shares her thoughts on current trends, style ideas and advice for those ongoing dilemmas.
        You can read more on her blog: https://irishweddingblog.ie
        and be sure to follow her on Instagram! https://www.instagram.com/irishweddingblog/

              1. What are the biggest bridal trends of 2021? 

              Well what can we say about 2021! The biggest trend really is agility and resilience! Mental stance aside, given the level of uncertainty around the celebration of a wedding and restrictions on numbers, this has led to a shift on style and décor trends.

              Within Bridal fashion, the biggest trends emerging include:

              • City Slicker: Given that so many have bit the bullet and proceeded with an intimate ceremony with smaller numbers, this has meant that brides have adapted their style to suit their surroundings. I’m seeing many brides go for a less formal look which would include a midi dress, high street two pieces and in some cases even a pant suit. Many are planning on having a bigger party towards the end of the year and even in to next year and are holding out their original dress for the party.
              • Tailoring: What many are shopping for with the intention of getting married next year is the tailored look. Slim fit, well cut gowns are really popular at present. Designers like Suzanne Neville, Sassi Holford, Justin Alexander to name but a few are iconic in their tailoring. If you can picture full length, long sleeve and a fitted bodice, that is what brides are loving right now.
              • Feck It Glamour: So many brides have gone to hell and back in planning their wedding and what ive noticed in the last few months is that so many are really treating themselves and going for all out glam! Big skirts, v cut neck lines, jewels and intricate appliques…you name it, they are going for it.
              • Boho: I tend to see Boho always present but different times it heightens and this coming year I'm seeing it come back through again this year.

                      white tuxedo jumpsuit wedding style bride to be premium quality tailored women's trouser suit


              1.  Couple who've decided to just go for it and have an intimate ‘covid’ wedding - what outfit would you go for?  
              • I think this is really down to what feels right for the couple and what they plan on doing later on. Some may plan on having a second ceremony later in the year and may decide to hold their original wardrobe until that date or some may want to use their original looks for their intimate ceremony. On the flip side, I have seen many opt to wear a less formal looks. The less formal looks are so beautiful. Some of my favourite include the Midi Dress and I know that The 8th Sign do an amazing white, long sleeve midi dress. Others are going for two piece / separates with midi skirt and formal top. I’ve seen some wear jumpsuits and others a tailored knee length dress with a tailored blazer.

                      white dress feathers embellished intimate wedding dress


              1.  For those who feel torn what to do now for their big day with ongoing restrictions, what’s your advice? 
              • I completely understand the agony that couples have been through and continue to go through and whilst we are seeing some improvement in numbers and an ambition to push numbers further, there are still some areas that remain uncertain. This includes restrictions around live music and novelty pieces. Even with some certainty and the likelihood that we will move forward progressively, couples are very nervous about putting down money and committing to an idea for fear of being let down.
              • My advice is to try and go easy on yourself. Many brides-to-be that contact me are very anxious or as I’ve coined having ‘wediexty’. It’s very important to allow yourself to feel the way you feel and accepting that there is so much out of your control. If you plan to get married over the next few months, you need to have a few versions of a wedding planned, plans that account for the different levels of numbers. By having different contingency plans, you’ll feel more prepared and less stressed. Now this is no easy undertaking but even having different guests lists pending the different number levels (25, 50, 100 for example), and rough costs on each then that will give you a level of comfort. If the uncertainty is too much to deal with, postpone for a longer period of time as at least you will have more time to relax and enjoy the lead up.



              1.  Pre & Post Wedding Celebrations (rehearsal dinner, Day 2 celebrations) What would you wear! 

              I wore white on my own day 2 and rehearsal dinner.  I would highly recommend keeping with the white / ivory theme to continue that bridal feeling. I opted for a fitted knee length dress with light floral print which doubled up as a dress while on honeymoon. If my day two was now, I would probably go for a jumpsuit.

                    white floral ruche midi dress fishtail hem white cape blazer bride hen party style


              1.  What are the current trends for Hen Party celebrations?  And what would you wear! 

              Well many are having pretty laid back hens at present which are more garden parties etc and that has meant less fancy dress and more cute white dresses. Many dresses im seeing are nice going out white dresses with some bling of course!

                   white cotton frill dress with pockets summer full skirt style


              Thank you so much to Sara for taking the time to share her tips & personal experience, we hope it helps you with your Wedding Planning and gives you the confidence that everything will be just right. 

              Keep an eye on our White Collection, we're going to be adding to it throughout the rest of the year for your big celebrations: Engagement Party, Hen Party, Pre & Post Wedding events