Hello! I’m Melissa and I own & run The 8th Sign, more or less singlehandedly…

A lot has changed since we started in 2015, for a start I’m now a toddler Mum – as they say ‘the juggle is real’!  

Although it is a hectic lifestyle it’s also what motivates me; the flexibility and freedom to work as I wish around the needs of my family.




Having come from a ‘Fast Fashion’ background many years ago, I’m proud to say The 8th Sign ethos is firmly anti throwaway-fashion!

I founded the brand with my former business partner Yasmin because we wanted to put the ‘love & longevity’ back into fashion. We dreamed of offering beautiful pieces with extra special details you don’t see on the high street – and in small quantities to give a boutique, limited edition feel. Dresses you want to keep and wear for years to come because they make you feel great.


Designed in-house and created to last; our pieces are made for women by women. We ARE the customer and this personal, hands-on interest at every step ensures consistency and reliability. We only want to produce styles we know you’ll feel great in. I personally LOVE getting dressed up – any excuse – and it makes me so happy to wear our pieces; I can genuinely say how great to they are to wear.

In case you didn’t know, we only produce 70 pieces or less of each style – which covers our worldwide customer base!  

So it’s very unlikely you’ll see someone in your outfit at that big occasion and we love that.

When we say ‘buy it now, don’t wait!’ we really mean it! The odd time we will restock but often in a new colour or version. We like to keep it fresh & ensure your dress stays limited edition.


When creating our designs we always think about fit, using premium quality fabrics with just the right stretch & anti-crease, fully lined for a smooth silhouette and adding bust cups if needed to make them easy to wear. 

Weddings, Ladies Day at the Races, Big Birthdays and Engagement parties – these special occasions create lasting memories and we love to be a part of it.

Receiving your photos wearing The 8th Sign genuinely is one of the best parts of running a fashion business, cheesy as it may sound it makes it all worthwhile to see you out there looking & feeling great!

I love working with our customers collaboratively – social media is amazing for feedback and ideas for new colours and products you’d love to see.

Ultimately as a brand we want to ‘work for you’ and be a brand you can trust. After over 6 years in business it’s fair to say some of our customers feel like friends and it genuinely brings a smile to see your name pop up when you order again.

I hope the personal touch shines through in all aspects of The 8th Sign, from social media to customer services it’s mostly just me, Melissa!

My lovely Mum was always a HUGE help in the running of the business, you might know she used to pack all our orders for several years. Whoever tells you fashion is glamorous didn’t used to pack orders in my parents’ garage or hire a van to drive deliveries to big retailers! OR work in our freezing warehouse in Chorley…


Things have moved on recently, pushed by Brexit and our desire to keep serving our lovely Republic of Ireland customers – so we moved to a fulfilment centre in Northern Ireland to take care of sending all orders efficiently & without customs fees. Dolly the pink steamer has been retired for now & my Mum gets her dining table back.

We’re conscious of the sustainability question with fashion, hence always aiming to create pieces that are long-lasting, sharing ideas of how to re-wear & restyle more than once.

We hope our brand values resonate with our customers – we’re always striving to be better & this year hope to explore the option of adding ‘Pre Loved’ to the website – a way to sell on your 8th Sign pieces for a new lease of life.

It’s also a great way to pick up those pieces you missed out on!


We appreciate your commitment to shopping with a small, independent brand and choosing ‘Quality Over Quantity’.