New Website, New Season Style

Article published at: Nov 29, 2018 Article author: Melissa Worrall
New Website, New Season Style
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We have a brand new website – I hope you like it!

We’ve made it easier to shop, with a faster system and more payment methods accepted; what’s not to like!

It’s a fresh start but also a chance to look at what we’ve achieved over 4 years – most importantly some wonderfully loyal, gorgeous customers!!

And some fabulous celebrities wearing 8th Sign dresses too!

We’ve tried and tested lots of different styles, hopefully it’s fair to say we’ve found our niche and we’ve perfected a signature look you won’t find elsewhere.

We always pride ourselves on quality over everything else – amazing fabrics that hold you in perfectly, always fully lined for a smooth fit and the difference is in the details – embellishments and premium lace you won’t see on the high street.

We’re a small brand and hopefully that’s what you like about us – limited edition pieces you won’t see everywhere. We only produce 100 pieces or less of each dress; that means when you go to the Races, to a Wedding or a big event, you’re way less likely to find 3 other girls wearing your dress!

We also always try to listen to your feedback and when you love a dress we try to bring back a new version – like the Raphelite bow dress, just arrived in Oxblood

It’s fabulous to see celebrities wearing our designs; we can’t deny that!

BUT what we really love is seeing YOU in our dresses – when you tag us on Instagram at a wedding, or message us with your photos and a lovely comment to say how great you felt in our dress, it makes it all worthwhile!


Thanks so much for all your support over the last 4 years; we couldn’t have done it without you! With every purchase you keep us going forward and every time you tell a friend where you got your dress you help us grow the brand!


Please keep tagging us, messaging us and giving us your feedback – if there’s something you’d like to see or something you love – let us know!